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This question is frequently repeated in the e-mail I get. Our family has left the normal age of going berserk as soon we leave our own national border and prefer the more quite places. But because we have travelled quite a bit in Greece we should be able to give some advice. But before the advice, just a few considerations. How an island if experienced depends on many complex factors like your age, sex, background, the season, your mood, your personality etc. etc. We have found Antiparos to be the island that best suit our needs. You might be considerably different from us and another island will better suit you needs.

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Every year from about the 15th of June a large group of Swedes meet at Antiparos. They come from all over Sweden and the only thing they have in common is the need to this island for a few days with party and fun. They call themselves "Fruit travels". Here is a few of the group together at Time Pub.

The first time we travelled to Antiparos did not give us the best of memories. The apartment we had rented was next door neighbour with a pub. This opened up at 23:00 sharp just when we were getting to bed. Like all decent pubs there were plenty of laud music and high voices which lasted until 5 o’clock in the morning. We did not get too much sleep but managed to stay there for five night until we got back to Paros. This was a story to illustrate that there exists an alternative for the party mongers at Antiparos too. A section from a Norwegian travellers news group also underlines this:

"If you want a monster tip, then to spend 3-4 days at Antiparos beauty and party should be one. The mood is great from 23:00 to 06. During the days good spots at the beaches are easy to find, bring scuba gear. Antiparos is for many "oldtimers" the place to meet. In the summer of 96 we had planned to stay there for 3 days but left after 7. It just happened that way…."

The summer of 93 we meet a man from Oslo that came over to Antiparos because "Parikia was worse then the main street in Oslo a Saturday evening". He was tired of partying and Antiparos seemed to be a perfect place to stay. In general it can be said that the places mentioned in charter catalogues will have good possibilities for partying. There might be variations but if your read these catalogues carefully you should find quite a few tips in them.

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Ios is guarantied to be the best party island in Greece. It might look a little gloomy at this picture but the party is on for close to 24 hrs a day. The city you can see at the top of the hillside.

To be a bit more specific to where you can find the best party islands, we can begin with the best of them all. Ios is without question the best party island in Greece. It’s been compared to Ibiza, which is reckoned to be the #1 party island in Europe. The travellers magazine "Vegabond" has in its 2nd issue in 1997 an larger article about Ios. It is called "Ios - a declaration of love to an island with a bad reputation".

We have also looked into the news group of Norway’s largest newspaper:

"I worked last summer in a restaurant (at Ios) called "Kalypso". You do not earn much money working there but it is sufficient to pay your stay. Ios is different depending on the time of the season. In the beginning (June) you will find plenty of Swedes and British people. In July there are large groups of Italians (watch out girls, they are crazy!). Then its time for Israelis before the British and Irish come back. It is **** fun and you can party all the time. The place is not to be recommended for families. If you are lucky it is possible to find a hotel room for $8-10 for two people. This depends on when it is and for how long you are staying. The end of July and the beginning of August are the most expensive times. Good luck, Ios is definitely the most lively island in Greece (I have been to 11 of them)."

Here is a list of good party spots:

This is a subject that many people will know much more about than what we do. Send therefor your suggestions and recommendations to the "Questions-Tips part" and tell where you think is a nice spot. Add name of the place. Read this part often because here you will find plenty of information.

Here are more tips from readers:

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Emne/Subject: Partying on the islands
Faliraki on Rhodes is definitely one of the best party places on the island. The atmosphere is upbeat but not so that it's like Ibiza. Lagana in Zakynthos is also another great party spot if you are around eighteen, any older and, unless that's your scene, you'll find it a bit much!


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